Focus Philosophy

Premier Leadership & Advancement Network (PLAN) leverages the effectiveness of our elite professionals and partners to promote the advancement of people through empowerment, connections, and development.

We empower, connect, and develop people with quality strategies that drive exceptional results to further advance communities.

The Premier Way

WE Mobilize our HONOR PRINCIPLE to:

  • Raise the bar for workshop and training experiences by incorporating input from several experts.

  • Creates a learner - centered setting that makes the most efficient use of users' time.

  • Courageously, empathetically, and honestly facilitates difficult conversations.

  • Makes use of relevant and up-to-date information to promote discussions and ideas that are in line with our values.

  • Constantly set an example for our participants by engaging in the behaviors we promote.

  • Guarantees that people will have a stimulating and energizing time - that empowers them.

The Premier Way influences people by exposing them to the highest displays of honor.


We help communities advance.

The Premier Way